This is our range of Services

Services to help your business grow, be more productive, efficient and profitable

Bespoke Software Development

Making your business run more efficiently and profitably

When you buy software off the shelf, you are buying a generic solution. It won’t have been designed to help you achieve your goals and objectives. Often you will be paying for functionality you may not want with the result that everyone in the organisation has to adapt the way they work to suit the software.

We believe this “tail wagging the dog” approach is entirely wrong.

Your software should enable your business, speed up the processes and make the organisation run more efficiently and profitably.

For us this is the key – you are the experts in your business, you know what you want to achieve and our role is to help you achieve it.

We build our software using FileMaker to be ultimately flexible so that as your business grows and your business goals change, the software can grow with you and be adapted to reflect the new situation.

Under our “Make It Perfect” promise we will develop your software as far as the prototype stage before you have to commit to the project. This means that you can be 100% confident that it will deliver the functionality required to take your business forward.

System Integration

Streamline your business and stop wasting time and effort

Many businesses have a range of legacy systems and technologies which struggle to work together.

In order to streamline your business, your systems need to be integrated together.

Our bespoke software can integrate them and make them run more efficiently.

There are several benefits of integrating your systems:

  1. Increased efficiency – when systems communicate together, human intervention is reduced so saving time and money.
  2. The most up to date data – systems integration stops there being multiple versions of the same document. When everyone uses the same information, mistakes are reduced and efficiency is increased.
  3. Duplication of data inputting – when you have multiple systems, it’s inevitable that certain tasks will be duplicated. By integrating your systems and having just one data entry point, duplication is removed and mistakes reduced.

We can integrate a huge range of software including accounting software such as Xero, Quickbooks, Sage etc, marketing software such as dotMailer, ticketing systems like Jira Service Desk.

Project Management

Using bespoke software to deliver your projects simply and reliably

We are not limited to just software development. We have extensive experience of delivering projects in a wide range of sectors and industries.

We are Prince2 and ITIL Certified and deliver projects using Waterfall and Agile methodologies.

We can help you with data migration projects, ERP implementation, cloud migration, infrastructure roll out and many other types of project.

Software Support

Reduce downtime and keep the wheels turning

To maintain performance levels, all software needs periodic maintenance and support. We provide support for software developed both by us and by other people in order to fix bugs and to ensure the software is still fully aligned with your goals. As new versions of FileMaker become available, new and more efficient solutions may be developed. We can identify how these advances can benefit your business and implement them where appropriate.

Regular support and maintenance will help reduce down time and so increase your business efficiency.

As part of our support service, we will periodically spend time in your business, updating our understanding of your strategies and goals.

We can also support customers with existing FileMaker solutions. We can help you upgrade to the latest versions, review your licensing agreements, resolve problems and implement improvements.

Getting started is simple – we just agree how what level of support you need, draw up the relevant paperwork and then we do the rest

Training and Mentoring

Training your people to become software experts

We can train your people to develop your own software.

While it may be comparatively easy to get started with FileMaker, it takes a great deal of skill and experience to be able to design your software so that it delivers the functionality and business improvements you need.

We run training programmes to teach your people how to use FileMaker so that they become expert enough to develop your own bespoke software in house

So if you need some bespoke software to increase the efficiency and profitability of your business, get in touch on or call us on 07949590972