These are some of the Solutions we provide

No job is too small, no challenge is too big


Boost your productivity and business efficiency by automating your processes

Most process tasks are repetitive, manual functions.

If you can remove your people from these tasks you will automatically increase their productivity and achieve more from less.

By removing the human element from the processes you will also remove the opportunity for costly and time-consuming errors and will almost certainly increase your people’s job satisfaction.

Our bespoke software is specifically built to perform these activities, virtually instantly and error free. This means that your highly skilled people are freed up to perform more high-value tasks


Database Solutions

Manage your data so that it works harder for you.

Within an organisation, data can be stored in a variety of locations.

In order to make informed decisions all this data needs to be accessible by everyone involved in the decision-making process, wherever they may be.

With a bespoke database, everyone can have access to the same information at the same time on almost any device, while you can retain control over access.

A bespoke database can also organise and analyse the data and display it how you want, either graphically or as text.

So when we build your bespoke software, you can be confident that it will pull the information you demand and serve it wherever you want, whenever you need it.

Product Development

Launch your product quickly on any platform

Product Development Launch your product quickly on any platform

One of the major benefits of our FileMaker based solutions is the speed with which we can develop your software.

We deliver over 40% of our projects within 4 weeks and 70% in under three months. This means you will be able to benefit from your investment almost immediately.

We use Agile methodologies in our development which means instead of waiting until the whole project is finished, we will deliver new releases to you every two weeks.

This means that not only can start to benefit very quickly but also that you will be able to provide feedback and be able to identify any issues with the software itself and so have genuine influence in the development of the project.

FileMaker runs on PCs and Macs as FileMaker Pro, on iPhones and iPads as FileMaker Go and over the web using FileMaker Server as WebDirect. This means we develop once and deploy the solution onto all devices.

Workflow Solutions

Cut out mistakes and increase your efficiency

When processes are controlled by humans, mistakes will inevitably occur.

Automating your processes will not only speed them up but also eliminate the mistakes.

To create your totally bespoke software we will document your processes to understand exactly what you’re looking to achieve.

With this understanding we will be able to develop your bespoke system. This will eradicate any mistakes and with the workflows that determine your processes at its heart, it’s perfectly tailored to your business and your people.

The result will be that the system will steer your people seamlessly and intuitively through the process, delivering the end result quickly and error free.

The whole point of Workflow implementation is for the software to do the heavy lifting, ensuring everything runs smoothly, freeing up your people to do more valuable work.

So if you need some bespoke software to increase the efficiency and profitability of your business, get in touch on or call us on 07949590972