Initial Consultation

We start with an initial no cost, no obligation meeting to understand your business challenges and show you how our solutions can address them. This will allow us to prepare:

  • An overall estimated plan of the development, including costs of licensees, equipment and devices.
  • A quotation for the business analysis phase. In addition, if required, we will build a no commitment prototype of your bespoke software to demonstrate that we can deliver on your requirements.

Business Analisys

We undertake an in depth analysis of your business, your current and future challenges and document all your processes and user needs including:

  • Business goals
  • KPIs
  • Success factors
  • Any obstacles to achieving your goal.

We now develop a reporting strategy and ensure the data architecture of your system will allow us to build the intelligence that supports your desired outcome.

Finally, we will understand any long-term plans you have for your system; e.g. will you want to monetise it?

We now provide:

  • Your Bespoke Software Specification Document, detailing the scope of development, and development roadmap and timelines.
  • A quotation for your full system
  • A quotation for any necessary research

Research & Integration Test:

Our bespoke software often needs to integrate with existing systems. In these cases, we will conduct an integration test and provide you with a detailed integration test report.

Development Agreement:

Our letter of engagement will include the project scope, development plan, tolerances, priorities, total cost and your acceptance criteria.

Once this has been signed and the deposit paid, we will schedule your development.

Development Phase:

During this stage we use agile methodologies to deliver your Bespoke Software. Depending on the length of the project, we will either provide a minimum viable product (MVP) or a system prototype.

The MVP allows you to use the system immediately, enabling you to provide feedback on amendments and new requests.

For short engagements, an MVP may not be suitable, so we will provide a prototype of the new software to provide you with reassurance on the project and to get your feedback.

Sign Off:

In the final step you will receive:

      • Satisfaction Survey
      • Lessons learnt report
      • Continual improvement and future development suggestions
      • A final invoice

Maintenance Phase:

If you purchased a maintenance plan, it would start to take effect from this point onwards.

So if you need some bespoke software to increase the efficiency and profitability of your business, get in touch on or call us on 07949590972