Why Work With Carbon Crystal?

There are a whole range of reasons why you should choose us to develop your bespoke software:

  • Our bespoke software will help to streamline the processes within your business, so making your business more efficient and more profitable
  • Our software is designed to work smoothly with your existing processes
  • Our industry leading encryption levels ensure your compliance with the new GDPR data protection legislation
  • Our bespoke software works on all devices – Windows, Mac, IOS etc
  • Filemaker allows us to develop your app very fast – typically in under 4 weeks
  • Our bespoke software can integrate with virtually all existing software
  • Our software is very cost effective as you only pay for functionality that you need
  • Due to our low overheads, we can deliver your bespoke software more cost effectively than the majority of our competitors

What makes us great to work with

  • We speak in plain English and never try to bamboozle you with technical jargon
  • We consider the reporting requirements at the outset and build the software accordingly
  • We involve you in all stages of the development process to ensure the final solution fully meets your requirements

Our “Make It Perfect” Promise

We understand your possible reticence to commit to our bespoke software until you know that it will deliver the improvements to your business that you hope it will.

Using Filemaker we will therefore, develop the software as far as the prototype stage before you have to commit to the project.

This means that you can test it to make sure it’s perfect before you make the commitment.

This takes away all the risk from you and gives you the confidence that our bespoke software will lead to significant improvements in your business.

Our Functionality Guarantee

We guarantee that all the functionality agreed at the start of the project will be included. If for any reason any element of the functionality is omitted we guarantee that it will be included at no extra cost.

So if you need some bespoke software to increase the efficiency and profitability of your business, get in touch on sales@carboncrystal.co.uk or call us on 07949590972